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This pest can cause about the most damage to a home out of all the pests. They try to move into attics or under porches in the spring time close to mating season. Their sharp teeth and claws and their agility make them a dangerous animal to confront or corner. Raccoons can have a rather large domain and they will eat almost anything. Once a female raccoon has had a litter she becomes very protective over her young, and will cause damage to get to them if she is sealed out. Their faeces is toxic to humans and can carry a host of diseases. These are fairly large (usually weighing in between 12-20 lbs) and dangerous animals that should be handled professionally. Call CridX.


These common creatures normally live outdoors but will attempt to set up nests in the fall to over winter. If they end up in your attic they can cause damage to your wiring, venting and soffits faster then rodents. Squirrels can cause a fire safety risks when wiring is chewed, and should be taken care of right away.


Aside from the odorous annoyances skunks can also carry rabies. They have powerful claws on their front paws that are used for digging burrows and looking for food. Skunks have been known to make burrows under porches or decks in houses.


CridX has a great humane wildlife program that focuses on exclusion to remove unwanted guests from your structure and keep them out.

If you have any wildlife concerns please give us call!

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