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In the event that you stumble across or witness an animal in distress, call CridX Pest Solutions immediately. We will come out and take the animal to the best place for treatment. Do not attempt to move the animal if it is injured and if the animal seems dangerous in any way do not approach it.

If you find young animals without a parent we can take the young to a Rehab facility where they can be taken care of until they are old enough to live in the wild. Place the orphaned animal(s) in a warm safe place like a covered box with breathing holes for ventilation, warm towels, or a heating pad on low under the box. Move the box with the animal(s) to a warm, dark, quiet space, and call us right away.

We care about animals and will do what we can to help out. We also have relationships with some great wildlife and rehabilitation centers so we can find the best place for the animal's needs.

Thank you for caring!

604-226-PEST (7378)

The above photos are of a beaver that a concerned Mission resident called CridX about. He found the beaver in the middle of the road and called CridX to see if we could help. We immediately drove to the site and found the beaver, whom was still in the center of a busy road. In the time it took to pull over and get out of the truck, 3 vehicles went whizzing by, nearly hitting the poor, struggling beaver.

CridX safely relocated the injured beaver to inside of a large kennel with a warm blanket to keep him comfortable for the commute. We then drove him to the Critter Care Wildlife Society in Langley, where he received immediate attention and care.

We are lucky to have such great wildlife and rehabilitation centers in our community and we hope that you will support and donate whatever you can to ensure that they can continue to provide the essential services that they do.

Critter Care Wildlife Society, Langley, BC

Elizabeth's Wildlife Center, Abbotsford, BC

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