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Sow Bugs

Sow Bugs are very common in gardens and around homes. They live in moist areas with a lot of decaying organic debris. They feed on grass clippings, leaves and other decaying vegetation.


Silverfish are commonly found in apartments and other living quarters especially water heated locations. They are starch eaters and need a reliable source of water. Old books and old papers like archives are a concern with silverfish around.

Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles can almost always be seen around homes and apartments. They often fly in through open windows. They eat a variety of items that can be found around homes including pet food. Carpet Beetles are likely to increase in numbers if there is a reliable food source around.


Earwigs eat plant material and harbour in moist areas in gardens under rocks or in small hallows. They venture inside mostly in the fall season and sometimes at night. Perimeter treatments control these pests


Centipedes feed on insects and spiders using poison glands in their first front two legs. Centipedes can sting humans. Their sting is normally similar to a bee sting. Perimeter treatments also control these pests.

Call CridX Pest Solutions today and we will implement a program that will solve any concerns with the insects listed above or any others that may be BUGGING you.

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