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Tips and Helpful Hints For Your Home

Although some pest problems are unavoidable, there are some things that the home owner can do in order to prevent some problems from starting.

  • Every season the home owner should walk around the house and look for soffit damage and proper venting. Soffit should be firmly in place and you should not be able to see spaces or the side of the panel. Vents should be screened and free of debris, dryer vents should be free of lint and the flapper must move freely. This may require some lint to be removed.

  • If you have a hollow porch or an exposed crawlspace it is important to ensure these places are closed off to uninvited guests. Doors or panels leading to crawlspaces need to be sealed so you can not see light through it, if this is not possible, it needs to be screened off. Keep in mind that screening will not keep out bugs, but it will keep rodents or bigger animals away. If you are trying to keep out the bugs, a proper seal would be needed. Space beneath porches are one of the most popular places that skunks and other wildlife like to use to set up their home, so screening behind the decorative covering (such as wood lattice) can assist in keeping what should be outside, outside.

  • An 18" area around the home should be free of plant life to ensure a "safe zone" around the house. If there is no food there is not likely to be any pests there either. This "safe zone" includes any trees around the house. If the trees touch the house then the insects and other pests could use the tree as an access point to get into the house itself. Power lines or other service lines should not pass through a tree for the same reason.

  • All of the pipes around the house should be checked to ensure that the pipe chases are sealed. In some cases a bit of silicone can help and in other situations steel wool should be used.

For a FREE residential or commercial inspection, including tips and exclusion points, give CridX a call. We will come to your location, do a thorough inspection of the premises, and tell you specifically how you can make improvements for a pest-free environment.

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