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Birds can cause a wide range of problems around your home or business. They can create unsightly mess that compromises the professional image of a business, cause property damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair, and pose health hazards to your family and introduce mites and other parasites into your environment.

We receive calls from home owners about sparrows nesting on the gutter down pipes, defacing their siding with droppings. We have also been approached about pigeons nesting in the air intakes of the roof top ventilation, causing mites to enter the air circulation system and bite employees. In many cases, we have also been involved in situations where birds have been destroying insulation and roosting in parking garages and causing thousands of dollars of damage and mess.

CridX is your solution for these or any other bird control issues you may have. In fact, we specialize in bird netting and other physical deterrents and we have years of experience, knowledge and skill. We are professional installers with the know-how to get it done right.

We can come to your home or business to assess the problem and come up with a real solution to keep the birds away. Give us a call and we will do a detailed inspection and create a customized bird control quote for you for FREE!



Bird Exclusion Netting is an effective solution to prevent pigeons from nesting or roosting in rafters and sheltered areas of your home or business. If the birds cannot get into roosting areas then they will find somewhere else to go and make their mess.

Many times we have seen the hidden costs of janitorial time investment to continuously clean areas defaced by birds, and the repair costs to fix insulation or other damage caused, as well as the accounting and management time expense to process all of these short-term remedies.

It is much more cost-effective and efficient to have professionally installed, one-time exclusion bird netting done and solve the problem long-term so you can focus on other things for your home or business.

To the left is a sample of how we install bird netting so it is clean, professional, durable and long-lasting.

(Click on the photos to enlarge the picture)


Bird Spike is another HUMANE bird control measure that we implement in some particular situations. It is typically installed on the edge of roosting areas such as beams, signs, ledges, etc.

Bird Spike does not harm birds in any way. It simply stops birds from landing on those surfaces because they see the intrusion and will choose to land, roost and make their mess elsewhere.


Bird Spiders are visual and physical bird deterrents. The "arms" sway and bounce in the wind, creating a visual distraction that keeps them away from the area.

Bird Spiders fit and can be installed on small areas and are ideal for:

  • Outdoor light fixtures
  • air conditioner units
  • skylights
  • signs
  • rooftops
  • around hot tub or pool areas
  • boats

More products are available.

Contact us for more details and/or a FREE inspection and quote!

604-226-PEST (7378)

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