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BED BUGS - Who's Sleeping with You Tonight?

Bed bugs are parasites that feed on human blood. They don't care if you are clean or dirty, or weather your home is messy or neat and tidy. Once they get in, they are one of the most difficult insects to eliminate from your home because they are starting to become resistant to pesticides due to misuse. These pests should be treated by a professional. CridX Pest Solutions has years of experience dealing with bed bugs and we use a proven mix of chemical and physical measures to get them out of your home.

If you have Bed Bugs, DON'T SLEEP ON IT ...

Call CridX Pest Solutions today!

604-226-PEST (7378)

Call CridX today for a detailed inspection and professional treatment that is guaranteed to get rid of Bed Bugs.

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Please go to our "Products" Page to see a list of the Bed Bug products that we have available for sale, including professional grade bed encasements and pillow covers. Just give us a call or send us an email advising the product(s) that you are interested in and your contact information and we will contact you to arrange delivery.

We will hand deliver the products to you within 3 business days at ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE!

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