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Payment for Services

Made Easy

It's Fast, Convenient & Safe.

For your convenience, CridX now accepts:

Cash, Cheques, payment via PayPal accounts and Credit Card payments.

Call CridX at 604-226-7378 to discuss what we can do for you. Once you have arranged a date and time for the service with one of our technician representatives, you have the option of how you would like to pay. You can provide cash or a cheque at the time of service (once the treatment/service has been performed and you are completely satisfied), or you can choose to pay through your own PayPal account or by Credit Card here on our secured site through PayPal. It's completely up to you.

To pay by Credit Card, or through your PayPal account, just click the below "Pay Now" button.


If you'd like to pay by Credit Card, or through your own PayPal account, you simply click on the "Pay Now" button above. This will bring you to a new screen that allows you to enter either your PayPal account or your Credit Card information in. If you do not have a PayPal account that is absolutely no problem - just click on the underlined text at the bottom right side of the page that says: "Don't have a PayPal account?" and you will be brought to a different page that allows you to enter your Credit Card information in as a PayPal Guest. You just complete the fill-in sections and submit. It's that easy.

Our Commitment to You - Your Privacy & Security

A high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals, so please be assured that we have taken precautions to protect you, because we care about our long-term relationship.

CridX is committed to providing you with the best service and real solutions, at a competitive price.

We also want to make it as convenient for you as possible and give you options so you can choose what is best for YOU. By offering the very safe, well-known, and convenient services of PayPal, CridX is able to accept your payment by Credit Card without actually handling or maintaining records with your Credit Card information. Instead, we have partnered with a professional business that focuses on doing just that and that alone, so we can ensure the best and safest handling of your important information.

YOU ARE IN CONTROL. You enter the amount and the details yourself directly into the processing system rather than providing your data to us for another level of handling. CridX does not receive, handle, or maintain any of your Credit Card details. We are only advised of the amount paid, your name and the date processed. This reduces the number of people handling your information, the opportunities for errors, and access to your data.

Our interest is to give you the best options for your convenience and safety, as well top service from a company and people you can rely on for many years to come.

Give us a call any time - we'd be happy to walk you through the process.

604-BAN-PEST (604-226-7378)

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